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Rocio Jahanbakhsh is a passionate makeup artist with a creative bent of mind. She is adept at understanding makeup requirements of clients and industry standards to create a pleasing visual representation.  


She graduated from the prestigious Empire Academy of Makeup located in Costa Mesa, California where she was trained and mentored by the legendary makeup artist Donna Mee, in T.V/Film, Print/ Beauty, Fashion, Editorial, Runway, and Corrective Beauty. Rocio was also trained in special effects makeup by prime-time Emmy winning makeup artist Thomas E. Surprenant and well-known makeup artist Margaux L. Lancaster just to name a few.


Rocio lives in Lake Forest Orange County, California nestled right in between San Diego and Los Angeles giving her access to some of the top photographers, film producers, and fashion print companies in the nation.


Celebrity/Personalities/Public Figures:


  • Stan Lee

  • Peter Stormare

  • Frankie J. (Singer)

  • John Heder (Actor)

  • Jeryl Prescott (Actress)

  • Josh Brener

  • Michaela Corrozzo (Actress)

  • Peter Porte (Actor)

  • Beth Grant (Actress)

  • Omar Dorsey (Actor)

  • George Lewis Jr. AKA Twin Shadow (singer/Actor)

  • Scout Durwood (Actress/comedian)

  • Mark Christopher Lawrence (Comedian/Actor)

  • Melia Kreiling (Actress)

  • Carmen Carrera (Actress/model)

  • Brenda Koo (Actress)

  • Danielle Bisutti (Actress)

  • Kelsey Scott (Acress)

  • Diane Adair (Actress)

  • Sal Stowers (America’s Next Top Model/Actress)

  • Jaimie Hilfiger (Model)

  • Jason Stuart (Comedian/Actor)

  • John Knox (Actor)

  • Lance Irwin (Actor)

  • Sky Van Vliet (Actress)

  • Alex Marshall (Singer)

  • Art Hsu (Actor)

  • Anthony DiCarlo (Actor)

  • Jackson Davis (Actor)

  • Trent Ford (Actor)

  • Nick Principe (Actor)

  • Dana Rosendorff (Actress)

  • Miles Grose (Actor/Comedian)

  • Vince Romo (Actor)

  • GB5Brothers (Singers/Group)

  • Kelly Brannigan (Actress/Model)

  • Giovanni Florindo (Mexican Actor)

  • Licia Alonso (Spanish Actress)

  • Nancy Grace McMillan (Radio Host)

Film/TV Resume
Print/Commercial Resume
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